Military Driving Simulators


Effective military driver training

Armed forces worldwide are under increasing pressure to demonstrate efficient and effective approaches to training – with the use of simulation being widely recognised as critical to achieving such ambitions.

XPI Simulation’s expertise in simulated driver training for armoured fighting vehicles (AFV), recognised by the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) as the only proven solution of its type, is key to helping armies to achieve the goals of improved driver behaviour, reduced cost and lower environmental impact in a safe and repeatable fashion.

This strong background in supporting the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) in evaluating the effectiveness of military driver training led to the award of a £20m project to design and manufacture 28 driver training systems for General Dynamics Land Systems UK to be delivered to the MOD in support of the AJAX vehicle programme.

XPI’s military driving simulators exploit commercial technology in order to provide cutting-edge capability to AFV driver trainees, enabling cost-effective training in immersive synthetic environments. The modular architecture at the core of XPI’s driving simulation software means that XPI can cater for a range of vehicle types, permitting re-configuration of existing systems to accommodate training programmes for new platforms.

The AJAX simulators currently being developed are a mixture of static and full-motion for training drivers on all six variants of AJAX. The programme is a UK first, as ‘six degrees of freedom’ simulators have not previously been used within the British Army Land environment.

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